Spontaneous Clarity

spontaneous clarity

How cool would it be to have clarity on something, just like that?

Here’s the thing. We actually have access to it.
I am not talking about answers to how to build a rocket ship. There are actually things that require some education. But much of the decisions we make in life doesn’t. What it requires is a little bit of inward attention & trust in ourselves (yeah, that’s a big one).

Wisdom doesn’t take mulling over or sleeping on. Truth doesn’t require listing out the pros and cons. It doesn’t require thinking about what someone else will think. It requires a split second of turning your attention inward and listening to what your body tells you. After that split second, your head jumps in and does its thing. It will give you all the reasons why that guy or gal really is the one, and why you really shouldn’t stick with that program or project, even though you’ve put so much of your resources into it already. Or, it may tell you that you should in fact stick to it because you did put so much into it already.

The question is, did you catch that initial split second moment of truth? Didja?

How does one stretch that split second of access to 10 seconds or even forever? How does one strengthen and amplify the inner voice?


Like working out, that muscle builds with practice. Even if you don’t listen to it, acknowledge it. Say, “I hear you, Self, and I know you are right, but I am going the other way right now.” It doesn’t do as well a job, but it’s something. To get there faster, just listen to it. And depending on your particular mind constitution, focusing on certain limbs of yoga practice (yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, etc) will offer a powerful framework to hone your efforts and accelerate the process.

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